Superintendent's Message

A Message from the Superintendent

Winter 2018

By Mr. John Zegers

Mr. John ZegersDear Friends of the School District of West De Pere,

We are so Blessed to have such a supportive community. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your support with regard to our most recent referendum. Your TRUST and CONFIDENCE is very much appreciated and WE will continue our “Vision of Pride and Excellence” as a result of the positive impact at the polls on November 6, 2018.

My message in this newsletter is one of thanksgiving and appreciation for all of you that are taxpayers and have voted in support of question #1 and question # 2. This is the greatest moment in the history of the School District of West De Pere with the passing of 74.7 million dollars of new construction and renovations within the district to support our students, teachers and parents.

I especially want to thank the Board of Education, administrators, teachers, support staff and the YES committee (Erin Kazik, Travis Vanden Heuvel, Kate Matthews, Julie Van Dyke, Jill Gray, Meredith Baciak, Lisa Kratzke, Katie Hampton, and Riley Drew) for their efforts to ensure a bright future for ALL students in the School District of West De Pere for many years to come. I am very confident that through many collaborative efforts by our students, staff, parents and administrators WE will be fiscally responsible and creative in our efforts to ensure that the School District of West De Pere continues to be a wonderful place to work for many years to come.

It is with great PRIDE and humility that I write this letter to our community as we move forward now with the very best design, renovations, and curriculum for all our students and staff. A referendum this size does not pass without the TRUST and CONFIDENCE of the residents of the school district. Each and every taxpayer can be assured that we will be focused on best practices and utilize the skill sets of many people in and outside of our organization to enhance our present facilities and build a new grade 5-6 intermediate school that will be a shining star in our area.

The successful referendum that was passed on Tuesday, November 6th is a symbol by this community that YOU appreciate the work ethic of our students, staff, administration and Board of Education and the total commitment to ENHANCING OUR VISION OF PRIDE AND EXCELLENCE.

It is now time to bring those who voted against our questions into the fold and embrace the beginning of a NEW ERA in our proud history. We have already begun to have meetings to start the building/renovation process which will be done in phases with all projects finished by 2021. I will communicate project progress through a variety of avenues, including social media, to keep our community informed and knowledgeable throughout the renovations. Please go to our website and/or follow our district Facebook page to learn more as we begin this new era in the School District of West De Pere.

TOGETHER we can continue to make OUR district the VERY BEST and a school district of choice for many, many years to come. The future looks bright and the optimism is high. Happy Holidays to all of you.

Have a great day...forward and upward...Go Phantoms

The mission of the School District of West De Pere is to create a safe comprehensive educational and social environment for students and staff which will produce life-long learners with the capacity to succeed in the local andglobal community.