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Visitors and Volunteers

All volunteers will receive a volunteer packet that needs to be filled out including a background check. Once approved, you may come, sign in, and receive your tag. Any background checks approved in 2015-2017 are still valid. If your background check was approved prior to these dates, you will need to reapply. Volunteer forms will not be processed after March 16, 2018.

Visitors and volunteers on school premises are required to come to the school office, identify themselves, state the purpose of their visit, and sign in our visitor/volunteer book. You will also be asked to wear a name tag for security reasons. If, in the opinion of the Administration the stated reasons for the visit are not proper, visitors will not be allowed to proceed. Please limit your visit to the area planned. If you wish to see other staff members, please schedule an appointment with them.

Volunteer Handbook

Please contact Hemlock Creek Elementary School to fill out the appropriate paperwork.