PowerSchool Setup

PowerSchool - Parent Account Setup

Create a Parent Account

1 - Open a web browser and navigate to https://powerschool.wdpsd.com/public/home.html

2 - Click on the Create Account tab

3 - Click the Create Account button.

4 - Enter your information under the Parent Account Details section.

Make sure you remember your Username and Password as this will be your login information for PowerSchool

5 - Enter the Access ID, Access Password, and Relationship for each student you wish to add to your Parent Account

6 - Click Enter at the bottom of the page.

Note: The Access ID and password were sent out on December 3, 2018 via School Messenger to the email you provided at student registration.

Adding another student

1 - Open a web browser and navigate to https://powerschool.wdpsd.com/public/home.html

2 - Login with your parent account

3 - Click Account Preferences on the left hand navigation panel.

4 - In the main window, select the Students tab at the top under the text, “Account Preferences - Profile”

5 - Click the Add button on the right and enter the Student Name, Access ID, Access Password, and relationship.  Then press OK

Access Report Card

1 - Log into PowerSchool https://powerschool.wdpsd.com/public/home.html

2 - Under Navigation, select Report Cards - If you have multiple children, select the tab on the top navigation bar of the child that you want to access.

Note: If nothing shows up when you select Report Cards, the report cards have not yet been released.

Understanding the Report Card

The following infographic explains the different segments and their meaning on the report card. Click the image for a larger version.

Report Card - How to read guide