Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2017-2018 Academic Awards!

Academic Award Program

The West De Pere Public School District believes that students should be recognized for outstanding academic achievement. Recognizing academic excellence is an important part of promoting achievement at West De Pere High School. The Academic Awards Program has been established as a vehicle to promote and recognize those students who have met or exceeded the high expectations of the high school program and curriculum.

2017-2018 Academic Award Recipients


Emma Albers, Morgan Baeten, Nicholas Bauer, Ashley Borchert, Alex Bornemann, Olivia Bowe, Brandon Buck, Sydney Calaway, Morgan Cornelius, Angela Cortes, Mackenzie Cumbers, James Daanen, Emily Day, Kasey Denis, Ariel Dennis, Marissa Ehnerd, Brehna Evans, Dane Federman, Jadyn Forgette, Madison Funmaker, Allison Grassel, Ashley Harrison, Payton Hartman, Dawson Hoffmann, Rachel Holzem, Jennifer Huettl, Cal Jensen, Tristan Jindra, Drew Kocken, Alexus Koltz, Carissa Konop, Bayley Lau, Brendan LaValley, Hannah Levin, Brooke Lindquist, Noulong Lor, Jackson Louis, Amanda Lukowicz, Sam Marshalek, Bridget Massey, Allison Meneau, Madison Moran, Samantha Nohr, Natalie Novak, Rebecca Peeters, Mallory Pelon, Ella Perry, Haley Powers, Jenna Rollin,  Elliot Seiler, Katelin Sitkoski, Colin Skubal, Jordan Strick, Miles Swiecichowski, Jordan Thiry, McKenzie Thomson, Cory Timm, Samantha Turriff, Devin Tyler, Sarah Vanden Langenberg, Brady Van Enkevort, Morgan VerBoort, Deja Vieau, Alexander Wagner, Alyssa Wagner, Jordan Wagner, Larissa Wagner, Zachary Wenger, Lauren Widas,  Hannah Wisneski


Mercedes Ackley, Abby Ambrosius, Sydney Appleton, Carli Bain, Hannah Bearson, Brooke Bemowski, Dominic Blanchard, Spencer Borley, Ella Boudry, Branden  Boulanger, Tori Boyea, Logan Brost, Alexis Buhrandt, Carissa Burt, Madison Carlson, Benjamin Cherney, Karson Corcoran, Andrew DeBruin, Emily Dorn, Marley Drewiske, Kiley Dufek, Connor Dugre, McGregor Farah, Alex Farvour, Collin Fayas, Amber Gigot, Emily Gorzlancyk, Courtney Green, Ciarra Hardtke, Emily Harrison, Madelyn Heikkila, Cassidy Herlache, Elena Hill, Dayton Hoffmann, Claire Jensen, Katrina Kowalczyk,  Hannah Kraftcheck, Evelynn Larson-Van Egeren, Alexis Lien, Justin Mannisto, Anna Massey, Taylor Maus, Liam McDonough, Avrie McQuade, Jacob Moen, Tyler Mudd, Christine Neuville, Parker Nimmer, Bennett Olson, Ryan Pawlowski, Olivia Rein, Morgan Ricker, Evan Rinke, Sydney Romandine, Paul Schaefer, Katie Schauer, Savannah Schmitt, Phillip Schneider, Nathan Schommer, Mason Shefchik, Ty Siekert, Hanna Skubal, Caeli Sorensen, Ivy Stary, Lindsey Stevens, Taylor Story, Sophia Tanzi, John Tomashek, Broderick Van Den Heuvel, Meghan Vanden Langenberg, Calvin Vanko, Jessica VerHaagh, Sage Voyles, Kaitlyn Wall, Reese Wunderlich, Anna Young, Katerina Youngworth, Zachary Ziesmer


Olivia Augustian, Sara Begotka, Paige Bodart, Parker Borley, Erin Breu, Matthew Burns, Zoe Cambray, Jared Colucci, Kymberly Coolidge, Madalynn Counard, Jessie Crandall, Michael Day, Marina Goeben, Sawyer Grovogel, Jared Johnson, Andrew Kennard, Emily Lau, Lauren Mainard, Joann Merten, Keilani Nishimoto, Isabelle Ricker, Tyler Sanders, Breanna Schneider, Sydney Shultz, Briana Smet, Zada Stueber, Mikayla Swiecichowski, Joseph Van Deurzen, Emily Wesoloski

Congratulations to the Science Department!

All of the science instructors were honored with a Golden Apple award for their dedication to their students at West De Pere High School.

"If you were to walk into any one of our classrooms today or any other day, you're going to see students working with models, working in the lab and using real-world situations to give them some practical experience," said Ashley Anthon, the anatomy and physiology teacher at West De Pere High School.

Ashley Anthon, Clara Hedrich, Joe Rukamp, Dana Lex, Kevin Olm, Jack Batten, Craig Zellner and Rochelle Coopman are all a part of the science department at West De Pere High School. Each of them are recipients of 2013 Golden Apple awards.

Their years of teaching experience vary, but they all share the same passion of working together to make science fun for their students.

"I'm not a teacher that can stand up there for a 70-minute class period," said Rochelle Coopman, a chemistry and biology teacher. "We try to get the kids up and moving, doing different activities."

Anthon gives her students hands-on lessons in anatomy with life-like models to work with. She also took her students on a field trip to a cadaver lab this year, making for an unforgettable experience for some.

"It's a lot of anxiety going in because you know you're going to see dead bodies, but it was really interesting," said Paige Bani, a senior in Anthon's anatomy class.

It's the hands-on lessons that are getting students -- like Bani --  more excited about science, and earning this group of educators a bushel of Golden Apples.

(Courtesy of Fox 11 News)