Girl's Tennis


The girls’ tennis season starts in August and goes until early October. Many of the matches in August are all day matches where players will play up to 3 matches in one day. When school starts, matches are a couple days a week after school or on weekends (3-4 weekends during the season). The team consists of a Varsity team of 10-14 girls composed of both singles and doubles and JV where everyone plays someone against their own ability. All participants make the team. As a player, you will learn the fundamentals of the game, scoring, etiquette and competitive match-play.

To be prepared for the season you will need: a new or good pair of tennis (the sport tennis) shoes, a tennis racquet, shorts with pockets or skirts, a large water bottle (32 ounces or so). You will have a team uniform that will be worn for matches.

Coach Information:

Varsity Head Coach - Rachel Benn ([email protected])
JV Coach - Bob Hagenow ([email protected])

Practice Schedule

Match Schedule