Get Involved


How You Can Get Involved
Besides volunteering at concessions during athletic events, there are many roles you can fill or tasks you can perform. Please consider volunteering!! Email us with any questions/comments at [email protected].

For reimbursement of expenses incurred personally in support of Booster Club activities, please complete this form.

Concession Stands
One of the largest source of funds for the WDP Booster Club is the operation of concession stands at various WDP sporting events. We are always looking for concession leads and workers. Please contact us to volunteer!!

Concession Stand Coordinator: Mickie Wyatt
Concession Stand Lead: Varies per sport
Merchandise Buyers: Jenn Graef & Connie Benoit  

The Booster Club generates funds with several fundraisers throughout the year. Please visit the What We Do page to find out how these funds are spent. Please contact us to volunteer for any of the following fundraisers:

Fundraising Event Lead:  Varies per event


Award Ceremony Coordinator
The Booster Club coordinates the Awards Ceremonies for Fall, Winter, and Spring sports teams. Please contact us to volunteer to help with these ceremonies.

Award Ceremony Coordinator: Julie Schmidt - [email protected]

Concession Calendar Coordinator
Duties include building/maintaining the concession calendars throughout the year for each sport.

Concession Calendar Coordinator: Shana McIlheran

The Booster Club keeps a database of parent volunteers and tracks who has worked their required shifts. Please email us at [email protected] with your contact information!

Email CoordinatorAlaina Boncher - [email protected]

The Booster Club maintains this website as our main form of communication with parents.  Also we have a Facebook page where we post pictures of events. Please see our homepage for more details:

Website Coordinator: OPEN

Building Coordinator
The building coordinator would coordinate repairs and improvements to all Booster Club concession stands. Maintains the hot chocolate/cappuccino machines.

Building Coordinator: Tim De Ruyter


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