Principal's Message

Welcome Students, Parents, and Friends to West De Pere Middle School.

Our school district slogan describes a Vision of Pride and Excellence. At our middle school, we take great pride in striving to provide students with the best possible academic and co-curricular opportunities, challenges, and successes. We do this through a variety of means, maybe none more so than by recruiting, hiring, and supporting great teachers. That effort is based upon this belief:

"Any teacher can fill a bookshelf with books about education. Any teacher can study lists of guidelines, standards, principles, and theories. The best teachers and the worst teachers alike can ace exams in their undergraduate and graduate classes. The difference between more effective teachers and their less effective colleagues is not what they know. It is what they do" (Whitaker, 2012, pg. xv).

Following this belief that "what we do" is highly important and sets us apart from other schools, we make the following four promises to students, parents, and families:

We will provide a safe environment - physical and emotional.

We will provide a challenging program - both academics and co-curricular activities.

We will foster a culture of responsibility - especially among students.

We will welcome accountability - no matter what.

We are also a school that places great emphasis on citizenship, compassion, courage, fairness, honesty, pride, respect, responsibility, and unity. We call these our Phantom Phundamentals. They are a BIG part of what we teach, model, aspire-to-be, and do everyday. 


Dr. James Finley, Principal

Jason Zielinski, Associate Principal

football helmet

Whitaker, T. (2012). What Great Teachers Do Differently: 17 Things that Matter Most. Eye on Education.