Boot Camp

The transition into a self-directed project-based environment can be a difficult one.  To ease that transition, just before school starts, we hold a two day "Boot Camp" for new students and students who joined us during the previous school year.

Led by the advisors and a few veteran students, our boot camp has two goals.  The first is to welcome new students into the Phantom Knight learning community.  To that end, the students spend time getting to know each other and the advisors.  We engage in icebreakers and team-building activities.  We even go out to lunch together at a local restaurant.  This isn't a military boot camp -- the atmosphere during our boot camp is relaxed and casual so students feel comfortable in their new school.
The second goal of Boot Camp is to show new students how student-driven, individualized, project based learning works.  Students are introduced to our core values and how they are incorporated into the day-to-day activities at Phantom Knight.  They begin their first elective project and learn how to navigate the various software tools that help facilitate their learning.  In this small, casual environment, they feel free to make mistakes and ask any questions on their minds.