Silent Auction Donations Needed

Dear Parents,

Recently we were approached by the YMCA to help with their fundraising campaign. The money raised helps with the many programs that the YMCA provides to the local community.  It also allows our students to take advantage of the facilities during our Physical Education classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at no cost.

After brainstorming with students and parents, it was decided that the best way to help the YMCA with this campaign would be to hold a silent auction at our Presentation night on Tuesday, February 16th from 4-6.  In order to make this a HUGE SUCCESS, we need your help gathering donations from the community.  Here are some ways that you can help:

Do you run your own small business? Do your neighbors have their own businesses? Donating to the auction is a great way to get your name/product/service out there. Ideas include personal trainers, photographers, personal chefs, landscape design, interior decorators, professional organizers, artists, and tutors

Do you have a favorite local business that you want to help promote? Next time you are there, just ask if they would like to donate. It’s a great way for them to advertise to local families and support their community. Ideas include landscaping, construction/home improvement, cleaning, yoga studios, women’s boot camp/workout programs, nail salons, restaurants, hair salons, wine shops, dog walkers/pet sitting.

Have season tickets to a sports event and you don’t plan to use them all? Why let your seats go empty for a game? Donating tickets is a great way to help the Y ...and get fans to the game to cheer on your team!

Know a parent with their own direct selling business? Donating some products or services is a simple way for her to advertise.

Ask at your place of employment if they would help sponsor the donation of a larger item, such as a weekend getaway, airline tickets, hotel…if we combined monetary contributions from several corporations, we could purchase a larger item to be auctioned off. Or perhaps your company can underwrite some of the event expenses, like drinks, food, or the DJ. It’s another option to help us raise money.

Are there items that you would like to create a basket with? Donating items that you really find useful or creating a basket with a theme is a simple and quick idea.

Thanks for your help! The money raised will fund great YMCA programs, including Phy Ed here at PKS. Please drop off your donations here at school by February 15th at 2:30 pm.


Jenny and Aaron