Picture of School District of West De Pere Superintendent, Dennis Krueger

Superintendent's Message

A Message from the Superintendent

Fall 2020

By Mr. Dennis Krueger

West De Pere Community,

As we move into the 2020-21 school year, we are optimistic and hopeful of great things for students, families, and our community as a whole.  We all have experienced that which we never imagined. Through it, we worked together and supported each other. We learned new ways to accomplish goals and found strength in community, proving that we are stronger when we work together. 

I can assure you that our mission to create a safe comprehensive educational and social environment for students and staff, developing life-long learners with the capacity to succeed in the local and global community remains strong.  We believe: 

  1. Students are our most precious resource.
  2. Each individual is unique and talented.
  3. All individuals have personal and educational rights and responsibilities.
  4. All individuals can learn.
  5. Higher expectations yield higher results.
  6. Expecting Excellence is important.
  7. We create the conditions for learning to occur.
  8. Each individual can achieve emotional, intellectual, physical, and social growth.
  9. Positive relationships among home, school, and community enhance educational success.

Working together through application of our district’s beliefs, students will achieve great success in the 2020-21 school year.

Below is an update of a few recent and upcoming things within our district.

  • US News and World Report:  West De Pere HIgh School was once again recognized as an outstanding high school in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. Locally, WDP is recognized as the best in Brown County based on Advanced Placement participation rates. 
  • Capital Projects: We have experienced a great deal of progress on our projects. It is exciting to see the plans becoming reality. I encourage you to view regularly updated information regarding the projects on our website. Also, please see the portion of this newsletter sharing some project imagery and information.
  • Bonding Results: The final bonding results for the capital projects were very favorable and resulted in driving the pre-referendum mill rate impact projection from $.55 to $.31. Additionally, when our refinancing rate dropped from a projected 2.2% to .80% it resulted in a projected savings of  just over $500,000 over the course of the next five years.
  • Strategic Planning:  In 2021 we plan to evaluate our district vision, mission, and beliefs and define high level goals for future planning. If you would like to participate in our strategic planning process, please contact my office 920.337.1393.  As always, your thoughts and input are greatly appreciated.

Together, we are building a bright future for our students! A future where each student has the opportunity to be successful personally, academically, and socially. Thank you to everyone for all that you do to support our students, staff, and teachers. I look forward to seeing you in the near future.  As always, it is a great time to be a West De Pere Phantom! 


Proud to be a Phantom!

The mission of the School District of West De Pere is to create a safe comprehensive educational and social environment for students and staff which will produce life-long learners with the capacity to succeed in the local and global community.