Academic Teams

Interested in joining one of our academic teams?  Please contact the appropriate adviser listed below for each respective subject area:

Math:  (Advisors - Ms. Krahn & Mr. Zillmer)

  • The math competition consists of both team and individual question sets in three sections. Top teams after two rounds will advance to the final round. Questions will come primarily from algebra, advanced algebra, and geometry will other topics including probability, pre-calculus/analysis, trigonometry, discrete, and statistics.

Language Arts:  (Advisor - Ms. Piaskowski)

  • The English Language Arts competition includes an impromptu essay written approximately three weeks before the contest. Five students per school will write the essay and then the five will decide which TWO essays are submitted to be scored by UWGB faculty. The competition consists of students working in teams to answer questions in two preliminary rounds. The top four teams, based on scores from the essay and first two rounds, will advance to the final round. In the past, questions have come primarily from the works for the essay, mythology, world literature, American literature, and British literature including Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Othello, and Romeo and Juliet.

Social Studies:  (Advisor - Mr. Lambrecht)

  • Questions will be taken from American and world history, geography, current events, economics, and government. Teams with the highest scores after two preliminary rounds will advance to the final round.

Science:  (Advisor - Mr. Batten)

  • Science questions will come from the areas of biology, chemistry, and physics. Competition consists of three rounds with the top teams after the first two rounds advancing to the final round. A scientific calculator is required; however, programmable calculators that are capable of storing alphanumeric or textual material will not be allowed during this academic competition. Calculator use is restricted to arithmetic and evaluation of trig functions, exponentials, logs, square roots, etc. 

French Forensics:  (Advisors - Mrs. Gutschow & Mrs. Nickels)

  • French Forensics (Concours Oral) is a French-speaking competition that is open for all French students of all levels.  Students compete in a Regional Competition, in which they perform in front of three judges.  Judges give students a score of an A, B, or C based on the student’s performance.  Students must earn at least two A’s in order to advance to the State Competition, where they compete to earn the highest rating of a triple A and earn a gold medal.