AP & College Credit Classes


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New levels of academic excellence have surfaced within our educational program.  High schools and universities are working more closely together on mutual interests to provide suitable incentives to increase learning expectations.  A.P. classes provide a means of upgrading classroom performance and capture the interest of bright students.


  • To increase meaningful homework assigned by classroom teachers.
  • To improve the transition for students from high school to a college setting in terms of higher expectations in coursework.
  • To serve as a model for regular students in terms of motivation to achieve nearer their potential.
  • To promote enrollments in classes advantageous to scholarship consideration.
  • To place emphasis on success not failure.
  • To recognize different levels of ability and maturity.
  • To recognize excellence as a high priority.

These courses are taken throughout the student's high school career and constitute the most demanding culmination of academic high school work.  They are taught at a much more accelerated level of study using extensive reading and writing assignments.  The A.P. classes are taught on a college level with those kinds of expectations.  Toward the end of the A.P. course students will have the opportunity to take an extensive A.P. exam by which they may earn college credit or advanced standing in college.  Further details on the A.P. program are available in Student Services.