Credit Requirements

Graduation Requirements: 26 credits are required to graduate from West De Pere High School. Students will only be granted credit for courses in which a student enrolls in, and satisfactorily completes the course requirements. Students must meet all state and local graduation requirements listed in the following narrative.

1 1/2 Credits:

Physical Education - 1/2 credit required in freshman, sophomore and junior years. Seniors may elect to take physical education as an elective. Any student who is excused from physical education will be expected to earn the equivalent credit requirements through related physical education coursework.

3 Credits:

Mathematics - 1 credit must be Geometry or Math 2.

4 Credits:

Language Arts - One credit in English is required at the freshman, sophomore, and junior years. One additional credit of English is required for graduation.

3 Credits:

Science - Biology is required at either the freshman or sophomore level.

1/2 Credit:

Health - 1/2 credit is required in the freshman year.

3 Credits:

Social Studies - One credit of “Global History 1870-1950”, one credit of “Global History 1950-Present” and one credit of social studies electives are required.

Credit - One credit will be earned for successful completion of a course that meets for 120 days. One-half credit will be given for courses that meet 60 days.

Required Subjects - Courses which the State Department of Public Instruction or our local school board require for graduation.

Elective Subjects - Courses not required for graduation.

Class Load - Minimum class load for all students is 6 1/2 credits in each school year - the maximum class load is 5 class hours per trimester. All exceptions must be approved by the building principal