Advisory Structure

Advisory Group doing an activity

The advisory structure is at the core of Phantom Knight. Each student is part of a small advisory of no more than fifteen students with one advisor who works with the students throughout their entire PKS career. Our goal is that a student's advisory feels like a “home” and “second family."

The advisor is a coach, mentor, teacher, and manager. Advisors guide students in learning how to manage their time, plan their work, and complete projects. Advisors coach students to seek and build authentic learning experiences inside and outside of the school building.

Every morning each advisor meets with her/his students for a variety of purposes. Some meetings are devoted to academic skill improvement (e.g. working on the Six Traits of Writing, developing speaking skills, employing various time management/goal-setting tools). Other meetings include “check-in,” discussion of personal issues, selection/analysis of a positive “virtue,” sharing of needs, etc. Over time, each advisory group develops an individual chemistry and a special bond. It is a place where students are safe and free to share both the joys and concerns of their lives. Appreciation of and tolerance for differences is a natural outgrowth of the shared time.

Advisors are aware of virtually every aspect of a student’s life and personality through observation over an extended period of time. The chance for students to make real, substantial, and permanent changes is vastly improved by the collaborative relationship they share with their advisor.

Adapted from: Valley New School