Frequently Asked Questions

Sports and ActivitiesCan I participate in sports and activities?
Yes! Because Phantom Knight is a school within the West De Pere School District, our students are allowed to participate in sports and activities at the high school and middle school.

What do colleges think of charter schools like Phantom Knight?
The UW System uses a comprehensive review process for admission, which means that schools read applications holistically, considering all factors. From Wisconsin college admissions personnel (public and private):

“We take the time to individually review each student’s application. This gives us more leeway to consider students from a variety of backgrounds and curricula.”

“We want to determine if a student will be successful while here, not simply achieve the minimum requirements to get in. Well rounded students are a priority.”

“We see quite a few charter schools and don’t treat them any differently than any other school. The bottom line is to try to make a determination as to whether the student can be academically successful at our institution.”

Will I receive a regular diploma?
Yes! You will receive a regular high school diploma issued by Phantom Knight School. 

Is Phantom Knight an alternative school/program?
No.  Alternative programs (like West Academy in our district) are generally for students who are credit deficient and need a way to earn their credits to graduate.  Phantom Knight is not a "last resort" or an "easy way to graduate."  Phantom Knight is an opportunity for students to realize their potential and take responsibility for their futures through self-directed, project-based learning.

How do students earn credit?
Students earn credit by demonstrating understanding of required learning targets in their project work and online learning. 

Why are the graduation requirements different from the high school?
To meet the ultimate goal of college acceptance, it is necessary that students challenge themselves beyond minimum high school credit requirements.

Can I still take classes at the high school or middle school?
Yes. Students are allowed to take one course per trimester.

What about bussing and hot lunch?
Both bus transportation and hot lunch are available just like other schools within the district.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call the school at (920) 425-1915 or email one of the advisors. We are very happy to tell you more about our great school!