Parent/Family Engagement

We believe that parent/guardian engagement in a child’s learning is essential to student success. We do not only enroll students, we enroll families and involve them in student learning.


Parents and families are essential to the success of the students and the school. We are intentional about engaging families in their children’s education by asking them to regularly participate in progress meetings and attend exhibitions. Families serve as resources, providing information about their child’s strengths, weaknesses, and lives outside of school. They also serve as resources to the school community by connecting the school with potential community consultants and mentors; sometimes, parents and family members serve as mentors themselves.


Essential Elements of Parent/Family Engagement include:


  • Families are actively involved in the education and school life of their children
  • Parental voice is vital in school organization and culture
  • Parents have 100% participation in 6-week progress meetings
  • Families are engaged in the college search process