What Our Students Say About Phantom Knight

TestimonialsIt is a great school with an amazing learning environment that encourages students to be the very best they can be.

I wouldn't expect anything more from a school. The advisors and teachers are some of the nicest teachers I have ever known, and I trust them more than any other teacher I have had.

My overall view of Phantom Knight is the advisors are very understanding of the students’ learning strengths and weaknesses.

I love how we can work at our own pace and we can manage our time the way we want to.

Phantom Knight is a second home. This is a great school, and the staff cooperates with the students who go here. What I mean by this is the advisors try to make the students feel as comfortable as possible, but still keep order.

I feel that Phantom Knight is a thriving school. It balances work time with social time, both of which are very important to us students. The learning environment is very welcoming and safe.


What Parents Say About Phantom Knight

My children look forward to school, they are more comfortable and confident.

I wish we knew about PKS a year or two sooner.

I know that if any trouble arises with my son we would be called immediately.

I have never seen a child so excited to go to school.

This school has been just what my child needed. He is thriving socially and educationally.