Phantom Knight students complete their math and other courses they choose using OdysseyWare, a web-based curriculum used in more than 2,500 school districts nationwide. All curriculum materials are correlated to state standards and are based on proven strategies to easily explain concepts, provide practical applications, and evaluate student performance. Although advisors and tutors are readily available to assist and reteach concepts, the use of OdysseyWare allows students to take charge of their education by providing the freedom to be self-paced and accessible anytime, anywhere. 

OdysseyWare demands mastery learning. Using this model, advisors set a threshold for each lesson that students must meet or exceed before moving forward with subsequent lessons. Since most lessons are graded automatically, students who reach or exceed the threshold can progress automatically, while others need to revisit the lesson several times if necessary. A lesson provides students multiple opportunities to work through instruction, answer questions, and solve problems. Because of this "focused learning" feature, students continue working until they master the material and earn a specific percentage score. Students move through the material as quickly as they are able and may finish the course early. For students with special needs, OdysseyWare allows accommodations to deliver the curriculum to all students, no matter what challenges they may face.