Physical Education

Physical EducationPhysical Education (Phy Ed) takes place every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at the Broadview YMCA. There is no fee required and bussing is provided. Students are welcome and encouraged to use all of the facility’s features, including:

  • A gymnasium
  • A track (14 laps to a mile)
  • Free weight and workout equipment
  • A cardio room
  • Two pools and a diving board
  • Two racquetball courts

The YMCA staff is very helpful in teaching students the importance of physical activity and how to engage in appropriate exercise programs. From time to time, students may participate in classes such as Zumba or Boot Camp. The advisors generally facilitate some type of team activity as well.

On selected days, Phy Ed may take place at a driving range, bowling alley, or hiking trail. A small fee is sometimes required on these days.

Phy Ed provides more than just exercise for students. Students learn learn how and why to engage in a healthy, active lifestyle. They also learn the characteristics of leadership, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.