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Parents' Night

Parents' Nights occur periodically throughout the school year. Check the school calendar. The purpose of Parents' Night is to gather, dine, relax, and socialize while learning about what is happening at school. We hope to see you there!

Parents' Night is also an opportunity for the Parent-Advisor Organization (PAO) to meet. Throughout the year, the PAO is involved with several important events, such as fundraisers, cultural dinner night, the annual camping trip, the end-of-year celebration, and Seminar Fridays. All Phantom Knight parents are PAO members, and active participation is encouraged.

Contacting The School

We understand that parents and children sometimes need to contact each other during school hours. We ask that you please follow these guidelines to ensure that communication can take place without disrupting the learning environment:

  • If you need to contact your child, please call Mary Ann at (920)425-1915. Mary Ann can then take a message or have your child come to the phone. We ask that you please refrain from texting your child or calling his/her mobile phone. 
  • Students will be allowed to contact home for illness/emergencies only. We ask that students use the school phone to make calls. If you receive a call from your child’s mobile phone, he/she has not received permission to make a call.
  • Any special arrangements, such as going to a friend's house after school, walking home, or calling home to see how long before someone will be arriving to pick them up, will have to be made prior to the school day.
  • If you need to reach your child’s advisor, please leave a message with Mary Ann. The advisors will return phone calls before or after school.

Policies and Procedures

Please familiarize yourself with the PKS Code of Conduct and Policy Handbook, which contain detailed information regarding the school's academic requirements, policies, and procedures. 

Supporting Project Based Learning

The steps of the project process are detailed in the Project Manual. Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to understand the project process and engage their children in discussions about their projects. Parents of seniors should read the Senior Project Guidelines to become familiar with the unique process of the senior project.

Monitoring Your Child's Progress

Formal progress reports are released every six weeks. However, you can check your child's progress at anytime using the following links. 

Please ask your child's advisor for a username and password to the above websites.

College Planning

Help Your Child Make College a Reality: A Family Guide to College Planning

Get step-by-step planning tips to help your child prepare for college from Peterson's College Search.

Staying Updated

The quickest, easiest way to stay updated with what is happening at PKS is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. If you do not have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can still receive our updates as text messages on your cell phone for free (no smartphone required). Just text the words Follow PhantKnight to the phone number 40404.


Getting Involved

Every Phantom Knight Parent is a member of the Phantom Knight Parent-Advisor Organization (PAO). Active membership offers an opportunity to become engaged with the school, the staff, and your child's educational experience. Throughout the year, the group is involved with several important events, such as cultural dinner night, the annual camping trip, the end-of-year celebration, and Seminar Fridays. 


If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child's advisor. The staff strives for open dialog with parents to maximize student success. When approaching a concern, please embrace the fact that Phantom Knight was conceived, born, and continues to develop out of passion, vision, and dedication for the education, personal growth, and well-being of young people. If you ever feel a formal conflict resolution process is necessary, please read the "Conflict Resolution" section of the Policy Handbook.